Tom, TULSA Patient

“I spent a lot of time researching other technologies and meeting with physicians when I was first diagnosed. When I was told about TULSA, I knew I wanted to get the procedure. TULSA is the perfect choice for someone young and active like me. I was treated like a king the day of the treatment, and I had so little pain all I needed was a single Tylenol the next day. I was back to my job and taking meetings within a couple of days!”

Tom TULSA Prostate Patient

Derek, TULSA Patient

“After doing my research, I chose the TULSA procedure. Having now had the procedure I readily agree that it is ‘mini-invasive’ and ‘maxi-effective’”

Derek TULSA Prostate Patient

Brian, first TULSA Patient

“Everything has returned to normal and in some cases is better that what it has been for five years.”

Brian, first TULSA Prostate Patient